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Alone in a world
Where nobody cares
don't expect any love
from their unfriendly glares

They'll say "It gets better,
if you stand up and fight"
but it's hard to believe
when nothing is right

They tell you "you're fine,
you just gotta be strong"
but it's hard to keep going
when everything's wrong

It'd be so much easier
to break down and cry
there's no end to the tears
and there's no point to try

To lie down and give up
seems a logical choice
no place for me here
I'm alone with no voice

Alone in a world
that was doomed from the start
i can see it around me
as it all falls apart

This world is a cold place
the sad truth of reality
but life would go on
with or without me

It could all be so easy
to curl up and die
and with each passing day
I ask myself, "Why?"

Why don't I end it?
the trauma, the pain
Why do I go on
when I've nothing to gain?

I know there are people
who have it far worse
I'm awake in my bed
as they "sleep" in a hearse

But I can't shake this feeling
no matter how hard I try
and I only get worse
with each day that goes by

I wish someone could help me
wish someone was there
somebody to hold me
and tell me they care

I wish I could find
a reason to care
but suffocating silence
is just too much to bear

To breathe is a challenge
to awaken, a chore
and tortured by sorrow
my body is sore

I wish I could go back--
go back to the start
maybe then I could shelter
my agonized heart
This is just, how I have been for the past... long time. :/
Finally started writing poetry again, expect a lot more.

I personally think its one of my best.
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November 30, 2012
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